NNCEPP is a new program funded by the City of Sparks’ CARES Act to proactively prevent evictions.

  • The Governor’s current moratorium expires on 10-15-20.  After this date, landlords who have been unable to collect rent will have the ability to file for Non-Payment Evictions.

  • NNCEPP is available to help both Landlords and Tenants.  The mediator’s goal is to help the Landlord get compensated and keep the Tenant housed.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide parties toward their own resolution by helping the parties define the issue clearly, understand each other’s position and move towards a resolution that benefits both parties.

Our goal is to keep tenants in their homes and landlords compensated by opening the channels of communication as an unbiased third party. We can help landlords and tenants come to an agreement that addresses both of their needs.

With specific guidelines being released through State Emergency Actions, we understand there is a heightened confusion regarding rents and filing evictions. We can assist with explaining the dos and don’ts of the Eviction Moratorium.


The Process

The process starts with submitting your Intake Form. Once our office has received your completed intake form, we will contact you to schedule a free consultation with our mediation team.

Submit Application

You can complete our intake form (for either landlords or tenants) here on our website. Please review our website for a list of documents we may request for your case.


A NNCEPP team member will contact you for any additional information or to schedule a time for a consultation with a mediator.


A meeting with the mediator and the other party will occur and we will work towards finding a resolution together.


Once a resolution has been reached, NNCEPP will write a settlement agreement stating the terms both parties have agreed to. A signed copy will be given to each party and the case will be closed.
While we do our best to find a resolution that will benefit both parties, NNCEPP will recommend next steps to be taken by both parties if mediation is unsuccessful.