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Northern Nevada COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program
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Helping Landlords and Tenants avoid the eviction process.

Northern Nevada COVID-19 Eviction Prevention Program

NNCEPP was founded to address one of the largest issues during the health crisis; Housing stability. Lack of communication between landlords and tenants has added to an already difficult situation.

NNCEPP is a new program funded by the CARES Act to proactively prevent evictions.

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About The Program

The NNCEPP is voluntary, free to the public, and allows both sides to tell their complete story. Our program is confidential and does not have income requirements that need to be met to participate. Currently, this program is only available to those who reside in Reno and Sparks.

Why Mediation?

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator’s role is to guide parties toward their own resolution by helping parties define the issue clearly, understand each other’s position, and move towards a resolution that benefits both sides.

How to Participate in The Program


Submit Application

You can complete our intake form here on our website. Please review our website for a list of documents we may request for your case.


A NNCEPP team member will contact you for any additional information or to schedule a time for consultation with a mediator.


A meeting with the mediator and the other party will occur and we will work towards finding a resolution together.


Once a resolution has been reached, NNCEPP will write a settlement agreement stating the terms both parties have agreed to. A signed copy will be given to each party and the case will be closed.

Tenant Mediation Registration

We are here to help tenants come to a positive resolution with their landlords by opening the channels of communication with their landlords. Our goal is to prevent tenants from being evicted from their homes and we will work with you and your landlord to help find a solution.

Mediation For Landlords

We are here to help landlords obtain a positive resolution with their tenants by opening the channels of communication with their tenants. Our goal is to help landlords collect their due balances and avoid the time and money involved with the eviction process.


Education and Communication

With specific guidelines being released through State Emergency Actions, we understand there is a heightened confusion regarding rents and filing evictions. We can assist with explaining the dos and don’ts of the Eviction Moratorium.

Keeping Tenants in their homes and Landlords compensated

By opening the channels of communication as an unbiased third party, we can help landlords and tenants come to an agreement that addresses both of their needs. Our goal is helping tenants and landlords avoid eviction court. Let’s save landlords the cost and keep tenants housed!